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Our value proposition is that we can link with you with everyone from service providers to niche specialists. As industry experts, we understand even your most complex needs, and link you directly to qualified contractors, vendors, and real estate industry professionals who deliver tailored solutions to you.

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Why Use Urbanvie Links

Connections - Even If It's Complicated

Even if you're not sure who you need, we can figure it out and connect you with the right experts to solve your problems.

Professional Grade

We're dedicated to connecting small real estate businesses with the right resources so you can compete with big firms.

A One-Stop Solution

Within our extensive network, we can connect you with a wide range of professionals beyond just contractors, offering solutions to virtually any real estate related problem.

Direct Links

We identify the right people you need, connect you directly with them, and step back. Our service is built on transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Success Stories

Violation Decoded and Cured & Iron Railings Installed on the roof.

UVLink customer owns a commercial building in the Bronx. They received a fire department violation due to the lack of a railing on the roof. We connected them with expediters who explained and resolved the violation before the City and iron workers who built the railing.
Satisfied Customer

Water Main Replaced in a Brooklyn Townhouse.

UVLink customer just bought the townhouse and learned that the entire water main from the house all the way to the hydrant needed replacing. We found them a water main specialist who handled it, from permitting to pipe replacement
Dr. Dave
Satisfied Customer

Condo Painted & Cleaned & Smartlock Installed for Owner Living Abroad.

We helped a UVLink real estate partner find and coordinate the cleaning & turnover of their international client's investment condo. To solve tenant key issues, we found a locksmith to recommend and install a mortise smartlocks on the front door.
MeriLeads Real Estate
Satisfied Customer

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