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Electronic rent collection, payments, invoicing and reporting for DIY property owners & small businesses.

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UVPAY Advantages

ACH: Most “free” electronic payment apps charge you 1% of the bill for ACH. This is $1 per $100 collected and adds up quickly. This is how they make their money.

  • Our $2.99 flat fee per ACH saves you money on transactions over $2.99.
  • Customers will pay a $2.99 convenience fee without complaint. However, they balk at paying more. So those “free” electronic payment options cost you more for transactions over $2.99.
  • You can easily pass on your ACH transaction fees to your customers, either by adding a $2.99 convenience fee or using our PCI-compliant surcharging technology, which does it for you.

Credit Cards

Our rates are lower than the “free” sites, for two reasons:

  • We use Interchange Plus Pricing, which is on average significantly less expensive and more transparent than flat rate pricing than what’s offered by the “free” applications. Contact us – we’re happy to explain.
  • We offer PCI Compliant surcharging, which allows you to legally automatically pass on the processing costs to your customers in a way that won’t get you in trouble. 
  • Did you know that when your customers pay with corporate cards and rewards cards that you’re paying for their rewards?! We’re set up to protect you from paying those charges.

Do the math, even with our low monthly fee, we save you money.

Our generous suite of features can’t be matched by the “free” applications.


  • Text to pay
  • Email invoicing
  • Hosted payments pages where you can provide a dedicated link to a webpage and your customers can pay on the page whenever they want to.
  • Generate payment links for payment buttons to use on your websites
  • Paper check scanning
  • Payment forms
  • Online dashboard

  • Virtual terminal so you can easily take payments over the phone.

  • Free Reporting
  • Pay bills via ACH.
  • Our pricing is totally transparent. You won’t get any surprises from us. 
  • Our advanced features are free.

Have you ever tried to contact your “free” application’s customer support? It’s virtually impossible to speak to a live person, and those chat bots aren’t very helpful.

We offer the Human Touch – that’s our thing. So, need support? Just call us and speak to a live person, or email us and we’ll contact you promptly.

Eliminate 100% of the credit card processing fees by passing the cost straight to your customers.

$9.99 per month + $0 processing fees

Get Approved for UVPay for Free

Get Approved for UVPay for Free